Services offered in Iran.
Opening all kinds of Qarz Al Hassaneh:

Current, Savings, Special and Travel Accounts, Short Term Investment Fixed Deposit, Special Short Term Fixed Deposit, Special Short Term Deposit for Housing, Students Short Term Fixed Deposits, Long Term Investment Fixed Deposits for one year, two years, three years and five years.

Money transfers of the customers by drafts , telegraphic transfer , within city, branch to branch and coded cheques between banks.

Receiving cheques of the customers by way of drafts, transferring and receiving cheques by fax.




The services offered to customers of Bank Saderat Iran are as follows:

Opening Qarz Al Hassaneh, Current, Savings and Long Term Foregin Currency Fixed Deposit Accounts.

Money Transfers of the customers, by drafts, bank payorders , telegraphic, remittances by swift.

Buying and selling Travelers Cheques in local as well as foreign currencies.

Issuing all kinds guarantees / tender bonds, both local and International.

Opening all kinds of Letters of Credit in major currencies.

Discounting of commercial & accepted bills.







Issuing Iranian Rials Guarantee Letters, Safe deposit and Telephone Banking.

Buying and Selling Travelers Cheques and granting Red Credit Cheque Book.

Granting facilities, according to the Islamic jurisprudence texts, as Qarz Al Hassaneh, Modharabah, Joaalah, Installment Sale, Civil Partnership, Hire Purchase, Mozareah, Mosaaqat, Salaf ( Forward Deal), Equity Partnership and Direct Investment.

Receiving payments of bills of Water and Electricity, Telephone and Gas, Selling Gold Coins and Selling Shares.

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